We’ve asked our Sommelier Alessandro to pick a special wine to share with our guests for the month of October, and he has chosen an exquisite wine from Tuscany, Matarocchio; a vintage from 2011 made from 100% Cabernet Franc.

This wine has been very close to his heart ever since he first tried it, and he tells us that we’re the only ones in Manchester to offer it.

Of a deep garnet colour, this fine wine has notes of very ripe blackcurrant, raspberries, blackberries and spiced cherries with leathery, meaty and gamey aromas along with nutmeg, fig and spicy bell pepper.

He highly recommends trying it with our Tomahawk cooked medium rare, as the juices and fatness of the meat will melt in your mouth together with the delightful aromas and the silky and velvety feel of the tannins.