This month, our Head Sommelier of the North, Andreas Rosendal, has chosen a 2017 Canadian wine specially for the month of August.

Andreas tells us “I have chosen the 2017 Vidal Icewine from Peller Estate as it goes incredibly well with our cheese board selection. It has the acidity to match the creamy cheeses, but also the intensity and concentration to match the powerful blue cheeses. This wine is made from Vidal grapes, harvested by hand when it’s minus 20 C (so it is not the most enjoyable job in the world). So when the grapes are pressed, most of the water inside is discarded in the form of ice and what’s left is the rich, syrupy liquid. It’s one of my favourite sweet wines in the world as it’s very versatile and shows true class and complexity.”

Andreas has recently join D&D London as our new Head Sommelier of the North, and will look after all wine