Inspiring plates, inspiring games

Join us this summer as we celebrate the greatness of human triumph through our curated selection of flavourful dishes and cocktails inspired by the Olympic Games 2024.

Paying homage to The Olympic Games, sip and dine on our gold dust cocktail and dessert using seasonal ingredients to form the recognisable Olympic torch.

Athena Fizz: The Olympics Cocktail

Introducing the Athena Fizz, a cocktail crafted to pay homage to the Olympic Games’ 2024 host, Paris. This elegant drink features the finest French ingredients, celebrating the city’s rich culture and vibrant spirit. Each sip is a toast to the athletes, with shimmering gold dust symbolising the glory of medal winners and the dedication of all participants.

The Olympic Torch: The Olympics Dessert

Experience the Olympic spirit with The Olympic Torch, our signature dessert designed to evoke the iconic torch that lights up the Games. Made with the freshest seasonal ingredients, this dessert captures the essence of the Olympics, bringing a touch of celebratory warmth and a nod to the timeless symbol recognised around the world.

Our bespoke offerings are available from 22nd July to 11th August. Book your table now and don’t miss out!