What Is ‘Mindfulness In The Sky’?

Mental Health in the workplace is one of the most forefront issues of today’s society. The rat race seems to have become a marathon. Long hours, targets, stress; all of this can effect peoples, and inevitably a company’s productivity.

44% of all sick days are attributed to stress, depression, or anxiety. This is where we add a full stop to the stresses in our workplace and warmly welcome that work-life-balance we have all longingly desired.

As part of Mental Health Awareness Week, we are teaming up with Holistic Manchester to bring you a morning of wellness and relaxation. Introducing a leader in the field of mental wellbeing, sit back as we take you through a wellbeing talk, followed by chair yoga, meditation and an open forum to discuss all things work and stress related. To ease you into your working day, finish off with a light healthy breakfast prepared by the 20 Stories kitchen.

Hospitality Action

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to our chosen charity of the month, Hospitality Action.

Hospitality Action offers vital assistance to all those who work, or have worked within hospitality in the UK and who find themselves in crisis.

Supporting those who suffer from life altering illnesses to those who may be isolated upon retirement, Hospitality Action raise funds to run educational seminars, give grants for essential items including food, equipment and central heating and help those isolated to name but a few points.

Visit their website here.

Holistic Manchester

Holistic Manchester is Manchester’s International Yoga Festival, working with communities to empower mindful and holistic living, with an on going vision to bring new and experiential ways for the city to explore yoga and wellbeing.

Holistic International Festival of Yoga is a yoga festival held every summer as a joy-full weekend of yoga, meditation, power of breath workshops, conscious conversations, talks from leaders in the field of wellbeing and a holistic marketplace where conscious clothing, food and ideas can be found.

Visit their website here.

9am – 11am


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