Chocolate Bar Masterclass Chef

It’s time for your Mini Chefs to get creative!

In collaboration with the wonderful team from Oliver’s Chocolate Parties, build your own chocolate bar and chocolate lollipop from wrapper to bar.

First, design the wrapper, pipe the detail, pick your toppings and create a completely bespoke chocolate bar to take home and enjoy (if it makes it that far).

Your Mini Chefs will also make their very own chocolate lollipop too, led by a chocolatier from start to finish.

Upon finishing their creation, your Mini Chef will then enjoy a three course lunch and juice in the 20 Stories rooftop restaurant.

Should our adult guests wish to dine too, you can dine from our Sunday Menu. View the menu here.

Our 20 Stories aprons will also be available to purchase. Should you wish to do so, please make the team aware during your visit, or upon booking.

To book, click here.

Watch more here.

Duration: 1h followed by lunch

Time: 10:30am – 11:30am

Cost: £30 per child