Born in the UK from an English mother and Italian father, Fabia soon moved to Southern France at just 18 months old.

Having a French upbringing, Fabia’s love for wine started from a young age and whilst studying a Tourism degree, she worked in a wine cellar in Chateauneuf du Pape.

Fabia’s internship supervisor and long-standing Mentor, Claude Richard, worked for one of the most prestigious French restaurants and has been a driving factor in influencing the steps towards her current career choice today.

Once Fabia had passed her degree, she moved to London to broaden her horizons and whilst in the hustle and bustle, took to the wine shops of Borough Market and was introduced to New World countries and varietals that had only touched the surface in the French market.

Fabia soon received the opportunity to apply to a Sommelier position in 20 Stories and moved over to the North for a ‘hot new opening’.

Climbing the ranks and cementing her place as a female in hospitality, Fabia has secured the role of Head Sommelier in just one year.