Our sommelier Mauro comes from Italy, north of Milan close to Lake Como. Growing up with his father as a chef he has always been passionate about great food and wine, and his father still remains his favourite chef.

He began studying wine in Italy and soon became a Sommelier from The Court of Master Sommelier and brings with him a wealth of experience and knowledge.

Leaving Italy in 2012, Mauro went on to travel the world on a cruise ship as a wine steward, until he landed in London at the end of 2013, where he first began his career at Le Pont de la Tour for D&D London. Mauro has also worked for Chef Gordon Ramsay and Claire Smith in her first solo restaurant.

After 5 years in London, we were lucky enough for Mauro to join D&D’s new venture, 20 Stories in Manchester. His goal is to transmit his passion and knowledge for wine, and most of all to share that knowledge with others.

“Chef Aiden Byrne inspired me a lot when creating my wine list. Pairing wine with food is an extension of the chef role for me. Without wine, food is good. With wine, food is divine.”